Dear Mr Hollins Tuesday, Jan 15 2008 

DearMr. Hollins, I used to call you Pastor Hollins, but that was whenI believedyou were a man that I could trust and rely on, one that,I thought, cared for my soul. I thought your purpose was to teach God’s children of His glorious grace and mercy; to guide and direct; to restore and edify.

As I put my trust in the Lord, I essentially put my trust in you, Mr. Hollins. I was persuaded that this was the right thing to do. I was convinced that this was the only way to live my life in order to be blessed and I was terrified to do otherwise. Yet, when I became confused and concerned about certain situations and I needed your help and support, you refused to let me ask and insisted that there was nothing wrong. Your actions have clearly demonstrated to me that I cannot put my trust in you and you show very little consideration for my soul, not to mention the souls of my brothers and sisters. Instead of extending love and compassion for one of God’s children, that was obligated to trust and obey you, Mr. Hollins, you repudiated my questions, then, you proceeded to lie to the rest of the assembly and say thatIwas rebellious and a troublemaker.

Little did I realise that over time I was living my life to fulfill your rules, regulations, guidelines and instructions that were enforced upon some members of the assembly, but notall. Only my desire for truth and justice could reveal the depth of corruption that permeatesyourungodly place.

Well, Mr. Hollins, I would like to thank you for your cruelty, unkindness and lies, for they have caused me to call out to the Lord for myself and find once again His goodness and mercy.I would like tosharewith you a scripture that might be of some help to you:Mic 6:8He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to dojustly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God Even ‘unsaved’ man understandeth mercy.

One of your favorite authors, Shakespeare himself wrote about mercy…The quality of mercy is not strain’d, It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest; It blesseth him that gives and him that takes:…It is an attribute to God himself; And earthly power doth then show likest God’s When mercy seasons justice……we do pray for mercy; And that same prayer doth teach us all to render The deeds of mercy… Portia to Shylock in Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’

Finally Mr. Hollins, I would like to ask a few questions that have never been answered satisfactorily.why – are new people told to listen with an ‘open heart’; then after ?conversion’, slowly and subtly that precious heart is forced to obey and comply with every rule, regulation and guideline (spoken and unspoken) removing the need to look to the Lord and the Word themselves for enlightenment?why – do you say that the Lord’s sheep do not attack the Pastor’s wife and family, and the Lord’s sheep do not do?those things’: If this were true, there would be no need for the shepherd.why – don’t you just say ? I don’t know’ rather than ?talk in riddles’ or lie when you don’t know…?

why – do you say ?I don’t know’ or ?I don’t recall’ when you do know…?why – do youdemandrespect from your brothers and sisters, yet fail to respect them?why – don’t you rule with the same force and cruelty towards the families of the ministry for things that ‘regular’ members have been excommunicated for?

why – is your church full of lies, deceit, hypocrisy and double standards?


Noel’s warped view of healing and curses Tuesday, Jan 15 2008 

Once many years ago when i was in favour with Hollins,i would be asked to go to Dimboola with various people on a saturday to have fellowship?? (not sure on that one) One day driving back with Mark Reed he was telling me how Addison (and what an outstanding example he is) had told him that and i quote “Frank DeBooy is in a wheel chair because he came back from Newcastle without the approval of Hollins and that his being in a wheelchair is a direct result of that action and he went on to quote that scripture supposedly spoken by Jesus “No man having put is hand to the plough, and looking back is not fit for the kingdom of god” and that his condition now is because of that (no wonder he was never healed when he was wheeled out for pray on those many occasions)I am sure there are lots of people who could relate similar stories hence this new topic, feel free to add what you think is applicable to this topic.

Tony Addison is only interested in his betterment and the betterment of his family dynasty.  It is alledged that he sold all the vacant land around the hall in Adelaide, i bet that money never went to the work of the lord, more likely the work on his mansion, which i have seen with it’s impressive driveway (apparently there is a very interesting story in relation to how he got the money to do that little project about $10,000 if my sources are correct)  He is definately another that i hold in contempt as much as i hold Hollin’s in contempt, i hope he reads this as Addison you are nothing but a low life dog that will have his day (your wife still working to make ends meet these days Addison??) and maybe I will be right there (as i was at Ocean Grove when I, along with many others saw you savage David Erwin, your nephew) Nice one Uncle. 

Control Tuesday, Jan 15 2008 

I feel I need to warn people about the churches they attend.

For twenty-five years I attended what I thought was the family orientated Geelong Revival Centre in Thompsons Rd, Norlane, preaching the word of God, only to find out in the last twelve months that because I looked after my 18 months old grandson while my son was fighting for custody of his son.I am no longer welcome at the centre because I looked after my grandson during this turbulent time.I have been stood down from the church, made to feel bad and guilty, my grandson worth nothing and my family indoctrinated in to believing I am disobedient, using the words “we are in the world but not of this world” and “let the world take care of instead”.

In 1998 I was told “to get rid of him now” (my grandson) within six weeks and send him to welfare to be placed in foster-care as there were 10,000 like him according to the pastor (Noel Hollins).

Admittedly my son had made mistakes and was put out of the church but there was no reason to take it out on my grandson and me personally.If I wish to return to the church I must not see my grandson again and must apologise to pastor (Noel Hollins).

I will not apologise for looking after my grandson.I only want to warn other people to look very carefully at whatever church they attend as I have noticed things were happening over the past ten years but I could never put my finger on what was wrong.It has now struck me how indoctrinated we can be and how powerful ministers\priests\pastors are and how judgemental religion of any doctrine is. They use our inability read between the lines and people’s emotions and authority to control us, without us realising until it is sometimes too late..

Tuesday, Jan 15 2008 

L*n is step son of N*el.  N*el married a lady who had a son (L*n), then as a result of this marriage they had a son (Graham).  Then N*el’s wife died.  Not many ever speak about her in the assembly.  But it is known that she died of sickness.  There may be some secrets surrounding her death, as it is a no no to talk about her.  But some believe it is an issue where N*el can end up in jail, for denying her medical treatment.  And there is only one person who can bring him to jail is L*n.   L*n is a charactor – he does not submit himself to N*el as much as N*el would like him to.  L*n gets away with anything.  No one can start selling Amway stuff in the assembly but L*n can do.  L*n is known to have borrowed money from members and does not return.  L*n is known as a bit of a techno guy in the assembly and i am sure he visits this site more often.  Last i heard was that he was modifying video game players so that they can play overseas DVDs (illegal work).  L*n is married to a daughter of powerful GRC pastor Addis*n (Boss of Adelaide assembly).  If there is anyone N*el is afraid of (other than this web site) is L*n.    Now to N*el’s other son Graham.  Graham had a divorce and is now married again. 

Further, everyone knows that N*el has parkinson’s disease, he can’t keep his head  straight.  But then members think he is healed, but then again symptoms are being seen.  Seems the healing is playing a bit of games with him.   Now let me ask a question to all the members – why is it that he seems healed after an overseas visit,  there is a rumour in the assembly that he goes to US and gets medical treatment.  But did not he deny his wife medicat treatment. 

Well what can one say about this character without taking up too much space in here. Can you swear in here? i hope so because he is a low life c**t.  But i will say this for him, he was the catalyst that finally set me free and for that i do thank you Len (maybe you know who i am now, i hope you do) if you care to visit feel free but best you bring a big stick because you will need it.  Len is as the other poster said a “Law unto himself” and now i understand a little more as to why he could operate with impunity.  The multi level marketing guru, illegal playstation conversion champion of Geelong (after he shafted the original owner out  of the majority of that business, but maybe this person was beholden to him for some reason i am not aware of.)  But one thing is for sure Len is looking after Len without thought of others.  Good luck with it all.  So the son of the “Apostle of Christ” has a colourful background but because of the hypocrisy of Hollins Snr he was able to do all this and still sit up the front playing piano in the band (which i will say he did very well) but it was this hypocrisy that sent me to the door and again for that i am happy and very free.  The people i do feel for are the others that are trapped by the cult mentality of the GRC and asssociated assemblies that now in my opinion represent nothing but themselves and there own self interest.  Especially in Adelaide, with his father in law, another meglomaniac.  Seems that’s the criteria for pastorship in the GRC.